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Make Money

This step may seem elementary but is the most fundamental one for those who are just starting out. You’ve probably seen charts showing that a small amount of money regularly saved and allowed to compound over time eventually can grow into a substantial sum. But those charts never answer this basic question: How do you get money to save in the first place?

Save Money

Simply making money won’t help you build wealth if you end up spending it all. To set more money aside for building wealth, consider these four moves: Track your spending for at least a month. You might want to use a financial software package to help you do this, but a small, pocket-size notebook could also suffice. Record your every expenditure, no matter how small; many people are surprised to see where all their money goes. Find the fat and trim it. 

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Invest Money

Once you’ve managed to set aside some money, the next step is investing it so that it will grow. (Before you start investing, however, make sure you have some money set aside to handle any unexpected financial emergencies. A common recommendation is to build up enough to cover at least three to six months’ worth of expenses in a liquid account, such as a bank savings account or a money market fund.)

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